Why Pick Dual-Lens Security Cameras?

Reolink Duo Series security cameras equipped with two lenses allow you to see a much broader world with less distortion. Reolink TrackMix Series cameras are equipped with a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens, providing wide-angle view and close-up view synchronously on the screen. It can also automatically track and zoom in on the detected objects.
  • Dual-Lens

    With one more high-tech lens, these dual cameras either cover larger surveillance areas or offer more advanced tracking modes. Keep everything under your control.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

    Equipped with two lenses, these cameras provide you with a wide field of view. You can cover more areas and explore more details.

  • Dual View (TrackMix Series)

    The camera captures both full-view and close-up images of the same event synchronously, and presents them on the same screen!

  • Dual Tracking (TrackMix Series)

    The camera can pan, tilt (up to 355°H, 90°V) to auto track the object and show it in both the panoramic and zoomed views.

  • Intelligent Detection

    Based on advanced technology, these cameras can identify people, vehicles, and cats/dogs among other objects and will send you real-time notifications when motion is detected. No subscription, no fees, no worries!
    *Pet detection (beta version) currently supports only cat and dog detection.

  • Super HD

    These wide angle IP cameras feature up to 8MP resolution and show you clear, crisp images and videos. You can view everything with more colors, more sharpness and more fun.

  • Color Night Vision

    With infrared lights and powerful spotlights, these cameras show you everything in full color and keep your home and business 24/7 guarded.

  • Two-Way Audio

    Built-in microphone and speaker allow you to freely listen and talk to whoever the camera captures. Stay connected to your beloved ones anywhere, anytime.

  • Four Versions Available

    To meet your various needs, we provide four versions of each series of the dual-lens cameras. You can always find the most suitable one to protect what you care about in all places.

  • More Stunning Features

    Intelligent alerts, mobile live view, weatherproof, flexible storage ways, etc., these features of the dual-lens security cameras work together to build a smart and secure home for you.

  • * Please go to the specific product page for details.

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