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Dual-Lens Security Cameras

Reolink dual-lens cameras are equipped with two lenses. Duo Series are aiming at providing one immersive panoramic view, while TrackMix Series focuses on dual-tracking and hybrid zoom; it not only auto-tracks the moving objects but also presents wide-angle and close-up views of the same event at the same time. With infrared LEDs and bright spotlights, you can see everything in full color even at night in up to 8MP HD. Enjoy peace of mind day and night.
These smart dual-lens IP cameras can identify people and vehicles among other objects and alert you in real-time about true threats. In addition, the advanced features of these state-of-the-art cameras include two-way audio, live view, easy remote access, IP66 weatherproof, and so on.
To meet your various needs, we will provide 4 versions of each series of dual-lens cameras: WiFi version, PoE version, 4G version, and battery-powered version. Choose the one that suits you best and improve your home security right away!

Duo Series (180° Panorama)>

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